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SFV OG Stiiizy


SFV OG Stiiizy


SFV OG Stiiizy

SFV OG Stiiizy San Fernando Valley OG is a uniquely high strength Sativa dominant strain. San Fernando Valley OG is a flower that has been cultivated, as its name suggests, in the San Fernando Valley of California! Originating as a phenotype of the classic OG Kush, this strain made a name for itself as a result of its delightful Sativa dominant effects and its unprecedented pain management abilities. Often confused with SFV OG Kush, which is in fact derived from this strain, San Fernando Valley OG is an increasingly popular strain in its own right and is gaining popularity across the border in the States. San Fernando Valley OG has parented many children but is finally gaining notoriety for its own friendly effects. San Fernando Valley OG is an ideal strain for pain relief due to its high THC content. Users can expect mind-blowing cerebral euphoria and an intense body high from SFV OG. This strain is ideal for daytime use as it provides such effective pain relief without the couch-locking effects of an Indica, meaning users can get the relief they need and still remain able to go about their daily business. Upon opening the bag, users will be met by a wall of pine and citrus aroma. While smoking San Fernando Valley OG, users find earthy notes and an intensified woody and lemon flavour that packs a punch. San Fernando Valley OG is a high strength Sativa dominant hybrid.


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