Schrom Strain


Schrom is a 70% sativa strain that delivers a clear-headed buzz with a pungent lemon and lime aroma.



About Schrom Strain

Schrom Strain Many people don’t know how to pronounce this strain’s name, and even fewer actually know about her genetics. Supposedly crafted by someone with the moniker Schrooomy420, Schrom is a sativa-dominant blend that was created by crossing either Romulan and Silver Haze or Romulan and Santa Maria Columbian Gold.

No matter which way you go in terms of genetics, Schrom clocks in with a decent THC average of 17%. Her nugs are very small and round with intensely bright orange pistils, huge crystals, and deep amber colors throughout. One flavor remains strong throughout your experience, with citrus permeating the air and taking a sweeter tone on the tongue. While you might want to use this strain as a replacement to your morning cup of coffee due to her energetic properties, she certainly fills the role of orange juice a bit more easily.

Imagine enjoying the combination of complete relaxation along with being mentally stimulated enough to get all of your work done with ease, and that’s exactly what Schrom provides to her users. Initially, a surge of euphoria will envelop your mind and bring you to a place of total bliss, with focus and creativity on its coattails. Enjoy this stage for hours and take that momentum home with you – Schrom is ideal for imparting a strong sense of arousal.


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