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Premium Jack Stiiizy


Premium Jack Stiiizy



Premium Jack Stiiizy (or Jack F1 as it is better known as) is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing Northern Lights with Skunk F1 and Mexican Haze. Premium Jack is famous for its debilitating cerebral high that can leave many feeling anxious, paranoid or even with a severe headache. It has a very quick onset, which begins with a smashing of your brain by dazing cerebral effects. You’ll be knocked out of focus for a bit and then feel yourself begin to fill up with an electric kind of energy and strong euphoric motivation. Your happiness will begin to rise as a light touch of relaxation and calmness descends on your physical body. Premium Jack is really good at helping ease certain ailments such as ADD or ADHD, chronic anxiety, arthritis, cramps, and inflammation.



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