Lemon Zest Strain


Lemon Zest is another undisclosed cross from Wolf Genetics.



About Lemon Zest Strain

Lemon Zest Strain No longer just an aromatic garnish or ingredient, Lemon Zest is also the name of a sativa-dominant hybrid devised by Wolf Genetics. While this strain’s genetic background has been kept proprietary by its creators, it’s clear that Lemon Zest offers a strong citrus aroma and potent, high-flying effects. Its THC content ranges from 19% to 24%.

Flowers of Lemon Zest are distinguished by a medium to large size and maintain a long almost cylindrical shape. The leafy columns have the fairly loose and open internal structure that is common to most sativa-leaning strains. The leaves are a mossy, yellowish green and are threaded through with a high volume of orange pistils with an even higher concentration of translucent, icy-looking trichomes.

A first inspection of Lemon Zest’s flowers will pick up on notes of fresh citrus, but a closer whiff detects some dank, earthy scents, redolent of damp soil or leaves. When the buds are pulled apart or ground up, they can give off more of a rich, sandalwood-like odor, perhaps suggesting descendants from a staple indica like Afghani. Burning in a pipe or joint, this strain gives off a smooth and surprisingly palatable smoke, that when exhaling, carries a sour, fruity flavor and leaves behind a creamy mouthfeel.


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