Grimmdica Strain


Legendary Canadian breeders Brothers Grimm Seeds are back at it, reworking some of their original genetics and re-releasing classic seed lines that are hoarded and coveted by those in the know.



Grimmdica Strain

Grimmdica Strain is a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain created by the infamous Grimm Brothers growers as a cross of Hash Plant X Afghani. This classic combination results in a high potency flower that brings on your favorite indica effects without causing sleep or heavy sedation. You’ll feel a rush of happy tingly energy just a few minutes after your last toke that fills you with a deep permeating sense of relaxation and pretty potent arousal. As your mind and body fill with lifted euphoria, your thoughts will start to fade in and out of introspection and fits of the giggles. Thanks to these buzzy effects and its high THC level, Grimmdica is often chosen to treat patients suffering from ADD or ADHD, PMS, cramps, and depression. Grimmdica packs a classic indica flavor into each toke, blending together tastes of fresh pine and rich fruity florals for a light on the tongue smoke. The aroma is very peppery and nutty with a sweet floral effect that’s released as the nugs are broken apart. Grimmdica buds have bright green nugs with rich purple and orange hairs and a coating of bright white chunky crystal trichomes.


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