Grand Hindu Strain


Grand Hindu is the potent cross of Granddaddy Purple and Hindu Kush.



Grand Hindu Strain

Grand Hindu Strain Following in the long tradition of South Asian indica landraces, Grand Hindu is a potent cross between Hindu Kush and Grandaddy Purple. Besides colorful buds and a fruity flavor, Grand Hindu offers its smokers pervasive physical relaxation. This after-hours bud has typically high levels of THC, measured at between 24% and 30%.

Grand Hindu’s flowers are visually remarkable. They are medium to large in size and hold together in chunky, irregular shapes. The flowers have an unmistakably indica appearance, with small leaves that coil tightly inward toward their central stems. Although small, the flowers’ leaves are certainly eye-catching, mixing dark green with shades of blue and deep purple. These latter colors come about thanks to high levels of the pigment anthocyanin, likely passed on from parent strain Granddaddy Purple. Finally, Grand Hindu’s buds are capped off by a dense cover of translucent white trichomes.

Grand Hindu also has a complex aroma to complement its visuals. When properly cured, the flowers give off a sweet grape scent. A closer inspection reveals some berry-tinged notes as well. Breaking open or grinding up these nuggets, meanwhile, releases a hoppy, almost fermented scent. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Grand Hindu burns with a smooth and rich smoke that has distinct grape flavors on the exhale. Notably, however, these grape flavors are coincidental to the flowers’ purple hues, as the strain’s color is determined by pigments while its aroma is determined by terpenes.


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