Erez Strain


Erez, a best-selling cannabis variety in Israel, is an indica-dominant strain developed by the company Tikun Olam and is named after their first patient.



Erez Strain

Erez Strain Bred by cannabis powerhouse Tikun Olam, Erez is an indica-dominant strain that was named after the company’s first medical cannabis patient. While Erez brings a lot to the table from both a recreational and medicinal perspective, her creators are very vague about nearly everything else. Her genetics are unclear and the team in Israel keeps her availability quite limited.

What is known about this special strain is her potency, and with a high of 24% THC, she doesn’t mess around. Her nugs tend to resemble moss as they are a lush green tone with plenty of furry pistils and small trichomes that resemble a blanket of fuzz. Overall, her flavors and aromas tend to lean more toward a spicy note with a hint of herbs, however, some are able to distinguish flavors of mint and berries.

If you’re looking for a great party strain, this isn’t it, as Erez is designed to provide a mellow experience from start to finish. Users may notice an increase in mental focus after they take a few puffs, but this doesn’t impart any actual desire to accomplish pressing tasks. Instead, you’ll soon be enveloped in complete relaxation on both a mental and physical level. Bodily tingles rush in from head to toe and your state of mind will be peaceful and euphoric. It’s common to experience the munchies from this strain, but before you know it, you’ll be longing for bed instead of snacks.


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