Critical Kali Mist Strain


Critical Kali Mist from Delicious Seeds was bred to be brilliant.



About Critical Kali Mist Strain

Delicious Seeds is a fan favorite company that turns out some real go-getter strains such as Black Russian, Carmelo, and Cotton Candy Kush. Critical Kali Mist is a solid continuation of that winning streak that was created by crossing Critical Mass and Kali Mist. Delicious Seeds combined an extremely potent body high and a euphoric dazed feeling for the ultimate powerhouse crossover bud.

This physically potent strain has THC levels that hit over 22% on average making it both medically relevant and recreationally awesome. There is a super harsh chemical flavor that is rounded out by spiciness, leaning towards a pepper flavor, that may leave you coughing after every hit. The aromas are similar, with strong scents of chemicals that sting the nostrils. Critical Kali Mist buds are dense and thick with olive green tones and a light coating of amber trichomes.

Critical Kali Mist is a very happy and uplifting strain that comes in from the onset and lifts your spirits into the clouds. The tingles may leave you a bit itchy in the bends of your arms and legs, but that fades into a light tickle after a while. This a giggly, social strain that will have you exchanging silly stories with everyone in your eye line. Your body may start to calm down, but your mouth is unlikely to. The ultra-relaxing sedative effects start to kick in towards the comedown and you’ll find yourself wanting to settle into a safe place on the couch.


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