KINGPEN CARTRIDGE  it’s a 1.0ML cartridge to utilize essential oil. cartridge features top-filling design with a bottom-flow, horizontal 1.8Ω dual coil, glass housing, and 510 thread connection. cartridge powered by a dual coil with four 1.2mm oil intake holes, that’s perfect for medium viscosity oil. cartridge has superior vape performance with high viscosity extracts, clean taste and the best of all, it has a very low failure or leak rate.


Kingpen oil

is made a custom-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing lab. After a quintuple distillation process, proprietary terpenes add flavor. Kingpen has no PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), PEG (polyethylene glycol), or other additives.

Kingpen is based in Greenfield, California, part of the Loudpack family of cannabis companies and now made available to Washington DC for cannabis deliveries on the East Coast.

Please Note: This cartridge is designed to work with essential oil.

Model: Kingpen
Connection: 510 Thread
Capacity: 1.0ML
Airflow: Bottom
Coil Resistance: 1.8Ω
Oil Intake: 4 x 1.2mm
Recommended Voltage Output: 3.5V
Material: Stainless Steel + Pyrex Glass
Height: 57mm
Diameter: 10mm
Weight: 15g

What you get:
Kingpen Cartridge 1.0ML

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