California Cannabis Laws by County


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The 58 California counties are currently updating and establishing local policies on Cannabis retail, manufacturing and cultivation laws with frequency, on nearly a daily basis. California counties are implementing new Medical Marijuana laws along with new Recreational Cannabis laws; it is important to be aware of how the winds of change affect your county. We are the premiere online resource committed to keeping this information recent, relevant and responsive.

Our statewide map is devoted to the current County regulations and ordinances in the 58 Counties in the State of California under the MCRSA, pertaining only to the unincorporated areas in the counties.

Should you wish to obtain detailed information regarding the 482 localities and cities within these 58 counties, we invite you to contact Cool Ganja Shop for expert assistance in compliance with cannabis licensing, permitting and the application process relating to commercial cannabis in California.

In developing this resource for the California Cannabis Community, we are striving to produce the most accurate information available. If you notice any inaccuracies, please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or comments at [email protected]



State licensing for commercial-sized medical marijuana farms is allowable under the new law, provided locals approve. Existing entities can operate with local approval until January 1, 2018.



Facilities already operating in compliance with local ordinances and other laws on or before Jan 1, 2018 may continue to operate until such time as their license is approved or denied. (AB 266, 19321(c)). Facilities in operation before Jan 1, 2016 shall receive priority. Los Angeles may in any case continue to prosecute violations of Measure D.



Qualified patients are exempt from the state permit program if cultivating less than 100 square feet for personal medical use. Primary caregivers with five or fewer patients are allowed up to 500 square feet (AB 243, 11362.777(g) and SB 643, 19319). Exemption under this section does not prevent a local government from further restricting or banning the cultivation, provision, etc. of medical cannabis by individual patients or caregivers in its jurisdiction (AB 243).

Definition of ‘Approved’


Includes the permissible use of medical or recreational cannabis for either personal, cultivation, manufacturing or retail activity, pursuant to the local regulations and ordinances in the particular county or municipality.

Definition of ‘Banned’


No cannabis activity defined as commercial (cultivation, manufacturing, or retail) is permitted within this county or municipality as defined by the local regulations or ordinances; or no regulations are in place.


Incorporated Cities


Incorporated cities may have their own local policies for regulating commercial cannabis activities separate from county regulations.  This list will be regularly updated as cities continue to develop regulations.  If there is a California city that is moving forward with commercial cannabis regulation that you would like to see listed here please feel free to contact us.

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